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Of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in The Sandpit. So happy to find a Malaysia/Singapore brand in The Sandpit.

What more, talked to the branch manager who's a bloke from Kota Bharu. As usual, he's complaining about how boring The Sandpit is. Happy to have you in the club, dude.

But then hor, the latte is a bit tasteless lor. Be more generous with the espresso lar. But then again the milk in The Sandpit is more watery, so start importing Magnolia milk from Malaysia.

TV is spoilt, DVD player is gone, wireless modem couldn't run so she and Ken Lee need to take turns to come online - life is pretty sucky at the moment.

They went to Carrefour just now and bought supplies to last a world war. Had to clean so many pieces of chicken as Ken Lee dare not clean it, too icky she said. In return she helped to clean the prawns. See, they are co-existing in mutualism just fine.

Oh my god, they're turning into boring housewives!
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