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Of Aching Heart

Human's stupidity never fails to confound me.

Take for example, today. A passenger travelling from Beijing was gasping for air and complaining of chest pain inflight. Fearing a case of heart attack, the crew quickly kicked into action. Portable oxygen was administered and a PA for medical practitioners was made.

The victim, a Pakistani girl, seemed too young to be suffering from heart attack. She looked perfectly fine, without all the symptoms associated to heart attack (except for the chest pain and difficulty breathing). So the purser of the flight grilled her.

Stop crying and talk to us.

Have you eaten anything?

Did you just came back from a holiday? Are you exhausted by all the sighseeing?
No, I'm studying in Beijing.

Maybe someone dear to you passed away recently?

Maybe someone close to you left you?

You're missing someone?

My boyfriend.

So you're lovesick?
Yes, my heart is aching.

That girl was lovesick. And demented. The best part is, she and her friend were nicely flirting with a male crew after that little episode. Nicely exchanging emails and showing him their photo album. And her friend even wrote that crew a love poem. Yes, a love poem.

Suffice to say they disembarked with smiles on their face.

What lovesick?
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