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Of Thought That Counts

Oh, bummer (shit,played too much Werewolves). The Princess will be working 10 days continuously starting tomorrow. Just received Ken Lee's Xmas and birthday present today.

Thanks, babe! How sweet of her to ask someone to pass the present eventhough we're so far apart. But don't lau kai ok, I didn't purposely ignore your SMS, just that I ran out of credit while in Paris.

By the way, Malaccans, take note. Whoever wishes to hold a wedding dinner in Pay Fong Middle School Hall can contact Joanne. She can easily whip up 7 dishes with 2 big pots, 2 medium pots, her old, trusted Moulinex blender and an oven. Cos she just did that for our post Xmas dinner today.

To quote Lonestar, "I don't know how you do what you do/Baby I'm amazed by you".

Joanne gave me a Learn Spanish pocketbook with CD. Great, more things to remember besides the ever-changing wine list. Mucho gracias, my belle du jour (ok, I'm speaking in Spanish, English and French. Shit, I have a multiple personality disorder like Britney).

Oh, bummer.
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