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Of It Came Without Warning

OK, one more flight to go, Diana, one more flight to go, I keep telling myself. Then I can go back for CNY.

Jac quit a few days back. I was shocked. Nevertheless, am happy for her as I know her hati already melayang back to KL after she came back from her leave early this month. She has packed all her 2.5 years' worth of shopping into 9 boxes and 2 suitcases. Gulp. I hope I don't need as many boxes when it's my time to leave (I came with less than 50kg out of the 120 kg cargo allowance).

Come 31st, apartment 6 will be quiet. No more yoga partner for me. No more drunk antics. Or brownies and chicken wings in honey sauce.

To my cili padi, please I beg you to be less stubborn. Accept that things are not always going to happen or be done "my way or the highway" - give and take a little. Compromising doesn't mean giving in or weakness, it's just another way of telling someone that they mean too much to bicker over the colour of the living room walls with.

I don't believe in modern fairytale. And I pray with all my might that yours will turn out to be one so my faith is restored.

Taken during post Xmas dinner

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