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Of Book and Wines

I was bawling my eyes out reading The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, especially the last few chapters. I couldn't wait to finish the book and ended up going to work with puffy eyes.

Set during Hitler's reign in a small town near Munich, the book is about a girl, Liesel, who was sent to live with foster parents and how she managed to touch in some fashion the people around her. Narrated by Death (Death's humour was dark, dry and wry), the first few chapters were a struggle before the book started to grow on me. The worst part was, Death kept throwing hints and I knew what was going to happen and who were going to die and that anticipation of reaching that part when the events finally took place really killed me. And broke my heart.

Definitely one of my best reads this year (OK, so we're only a few days into a new year, but I'm pretty sure this will top my list). Go get and read it, recommended! (Thanks, Siah, for the lovely book).

Neiqy and Jojo accompanied me on my birthday in Frankfurt. Hearts to Neiqy, for the lovely set of lotions and Jojo, for that bottle of wine (You just knew the way to my heart is through alcohol). But most importantly, thanks for the company else I would be contemplating a lone day in cold, cold Frankfurt.

2 curtsies received:

Happy New Year, Pricess! And best wishes for a healthy and successful 2008

Happy New Year to you too, David. And here's to a great year ahead for all of us!

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