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Of Cause to Rally For

You know what The Flying Goat Company should start instead of those "Recruit More FFPs" or "Yay, We're Flying to USA!" programs? Get Your Own Hand Cream Campaign.

I'm sick and tired of crew asking for MY hand cream everytime I whipped out that tube of cream of mine to apply. Get your own hand cream. My hand cream is expensive ok. I'm not running a charity here. Look, I'm not being stingy or anything. If I do offer you the hand cream, good, it means I like you and you're the few lucky ones who I deem worthy of that pea sized cream. But why the hell are you asking for MY hand cream (without me offering) when you have YOUR own hand cream sitting in the handbag is beyond me.

Come join The Princess in making this Get Your Own Hand Cream Campaign a success. You could start by buying YOUR own hand cream.

Moving on to happier news, Fernando Torres looks set to join Liverpool this coming season. The agreed fees is being cut from £26.5m to £21.5m. Gulp. That's a lot of money. You could buy 2 Thierry Henrys with that kind of money (Henry moved from Juventus to Arsenal for £10.5m) AND still have money to buy 125,000 Happy Meals. Or 333,333 cans of Coke. I mean, there's no guarantee he'll not be a flop. Look at the barrage of strikers joining Liverpool and became total flop. But still.....

Torres is coming! Wheeeee!
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