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Review: No Name Bakuteh Stall

Labels:'s nice to be home. The familliar faces, smells and sights are like balms to the soul. Not to mention the food, of course.

The Princess simply adores nasi lemak and bakuteh. Going to Klang for BKT is simply too far, so she settled for something near but nevertheless good.

It's this ubiquitous stall with no name near Taman Jaya. No shop, just a stall with chairs and tables by the roadside. Ths stall is manned by a father-son partnership, with the father taking orders and the son preparing the food. We ordered the usual - BKT without innards, nasi minyak and lettuce in oyster sauce topped with fried garlic.

Clockwise: Pot of BKT, Lettuce with Oyster Sauce, Extra Broth, Yau Char Kwai

A pot of artery clogging goodness

The broth was very flavourful, more to the herby type rather than the peppery kind. The pork-rib was so tender the meat fell off the bone the moment you bite it. The best part was the beancurd skin - soaked thoroughly with the broth.

Nasi minyak literally means oily rice

Nasi minyak is a must to enjoy BKT, although I find yam rice is the best which is hard to find in PJ. Add to that finely chopped garlic with bird-eye chillies in soya sauce, The Princess was soon in seventh heaven. In less than 15 minutes, this was what's left.

Cheap and filling (not to mention delicious), the total bill came to about RM50 for 4.

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