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Of Kegel Exercise in Singapore

Ni Hao, this is The Princess reporting monthly from the Lion City.

Whenever she's here, The Princess would almost always hit the stores. Window shopping would be the apt term as it's so expensive here (She has since stop converting currencies in her head).

This time she decided to pay a visit to Far East Plaza. And to quote Siah "The place where the Singapore ah lians like to shop". And so I went without much expectation except to expect sky-rocketing platform shoes, super short minis and a smattering of Hokkien being spoken.

Surprisingly, The Princess was spared of such sights. Malaysian ah lians listen up - our southern neighbour's ah lians dress up better leh (Now, don't start flaming me).

To its credit, Far East Plaza houses many tiny shops, some hidden with gems waiting to be explored. Of course, many others are forgettable. Clothes, more clothes, shoes, bags, accessories - this is the place to feed your shopping crave without sending you into a heart attack when your bank statement comes at the end of the month.

Tips: Many shops stock the same items, so wander around taking note of the prices before making final purchase.

Also, if you're thick-skinned like The Princess, you could haggle with the shopkeeper, too!

The Princess bought a pair of shorts in this season's print - tartan! Wear with black leggings and heels and voila, instant Brit chic!

There was an incident that made The Princess like Singapore a little bit more. Taking advantage of the free hotel shuttle bus from Orchard Road to Holiday Inn, she was stucked in a traffic jam (very rare in Sinagpore) near Chinatown. Of course, on normal days she wouldn't have care a bit, but this time she was in DESPERATE need to empty her bladder. There she was, with excruciating pain in the stomach, goosebumps all over literally squeezing very hard to hold it all in. The cold air from the air-conditioning unit made it a Herculean effort, so much so she thought THIS would be it - the day she soiled her pants in public!

Upon reaching Chinatown, she literally jumped out of the bus. Thank you not God, for the sudden call of nature but thank you God, for at least making THAT happens in Singapore, where clean public toilets are everywhere (with toilet paper, thank God!) instead of say, in Dhaka.

After the whole situation had been managed with aplomb (pun intended), she realised it was a blessing in disguise. That day happened to be the Mid Autumn Festival light-up in Chinatown and a parade was going on. That explained the traffic jam.

A stage was erected near People's Park and some performance was going on. However, it was just impossible to see it as too many people were milling around the cordoned off stage. It would be better if a giant screen is erected as seeing the situation, unless you're standing real in front, all you can see is the sweat dripping off the hair of the uncle in front of you.

This guy looks like he's carrying kavadi

Can you spot Change Er?

Quite an eventful day. innit?

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