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Review: Laksa Shack

The Princess was in One Utama the other day and had absolutely no idea where to have dinner. Her sister suggested Laksa Shack so off they trotted. The Princess has been dining here for many times, so this review is somewhat due.

Laksa Shack, as the name suggest, serves a variety of laksa. Assam Laksa, Melaka Nyonya Laksa, Laksa Sarawak, Laksa Johor - every state in Malaysia seems to have their own version of this highly popular dish. Laksa is basically yellow noodles, kway teow, hor fun or beehoon in spicy gravy made with spices and ingredients such as chilli, turmeric, shallot, tamarind, coconut milk etc (The ingredients and the quantity used vary in order to create different laksa). Besides laksa, one can find lontong, nasi briyani, otak-otak, keropok lekor, roti canai and a host of other traditional Malay food here.

Assam Laksa

The assam laksa was nothing to shout about. Pretty run-of-the-mill and I suspect canned sardines are being used in preparing the gravy instead of fresh mackerel.

Makan Berdulang

Makan berdulang reminded me of every Hari Raya when my neighbours used to deliver ketupat, rendang and cookies in the same dulang (tray) to us. In return, my mum would arrange some fruits, cookies and a green packet in the dulang before returning to my neigbours.

Nasi briyani

The set is good for 2 person. The nasi briyani was quite a lot. The rice was too soggy for my liking as I prefer fluffy, grainy rice cooked to perfection - not too soggy and not too hard. Ayam masak merah, begedel, agar-agar and egg curry complete the set, which cost RM 19.90.

Ayam Masak Merah

Kari Kapitan

Laksa Sarawak

The Princess could not give an account for the Laksa Sarawak as she did not taste it. However, according to the person who ordered this, it was "not very nice". Hmm....

Name of the dish was forgotten. Was it Nasi Johor? Kedah?

The last dish, which I have forgotten due to the many states of Malaysia naming system, consisted of sayur lodeh and rendang ayam with a small serving of sambal belacan. Could not comment on this dish either, but judging from the extra rice The Princess' brother ordered, it must be pretty good. Or he's pretty hungry.

And so The Princess ends this post with a cam-whore picture of her and her sister.

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