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Of Tulan-ness

Ok, The Princess is very pissed off at this moment. Upon signing out yesterday, a big fat, red ROSTER CHANGES message was flashing at her. Thinking it was just some aircraft change, she did not find out what the changes were as the printer was out of service anyway.

So she had a nice nap until 8pm+. Asked Princess MoMo to check the roster changes for her.

And found out some biatch had swapped away her SIN-CGK at the end of the month.

Without letting her acknowledging the swap.

Or putting her signature on the swap form.

In short, insensitive, rude, lying, signature-forging first class biatch.

Anyway, she just complained to Welfare and her SIN-CGK will be returned to her. According to Welfare anyway. She hopes that biatch will not have SIN for 8 months.

And Princess' curse is pretty accurate.
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