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Of Fortune and Fountain

Princess MoMo's friend, Nian, passed The Princess some stuff to be brought back to her. In return, he gave a treat to The Princess. Kinda embarassed, because every time he treated The Princess whenever they are out for meals.

Thanks, Nian. Thanks, Princess MoMo, for I get to sapu corner. :P

Since they're in Suntec City, The Princess mentioned the last time she was here, her friend wanted to bring her to see the largest fountain in the world, but he just couldn't find where it was. So this time, Nian brought her to the Fortune Fountain. Sui Yang, your sense of direction is lousy lar.

Wah, uncle, don't throw your daughter into the fountain!

Star light, star bright,
All the stars, in the sky tonight,
I wish I could, I wish I might,
Have the wish, I wish tonight.

To make a wish, certain steps must be followed. First, dip your hand in the fountain water. Then walk around the fountain in the direction indicated. Make a wish in silence. Repeat 3 times.

On her birthday, The Princess will always make the same wish.

May she have 10 more wishes at her disposal at anytime and these wishes will have no expiry dates and can be brought forward to the following years.

She never tires of the same wish and thinks that's the best wish to wish for, don't you think so?

Anyway, this time she made a different wish and of course she would not disclose it here, suffice to say it concerned fortune.
After walking around Suntec City, they settled for Japanese food. The Princess has been having craving for Japenese food for a few months now and no, she's not pregnant.

The Japenese retaurant chosen was Ichiban Boshi. They were seated away from the kaiten belt so The Princess did not take any sushi, lazy lar.

The Princess ordered soba with beef and beef meatballs while Nian had Teriyaki Chicken(or was it Karaage)bento set. For starter, they ordered Salmon Sashimi Salad and Spicy Chicken Karaage. The Princess saw some cakes being sold at the front counter and took a look. To her surprise, custard coronets were being displayed. She once had some amazing chocolate cream with hazelnut coronet in Frankfurt and missing it, she bought two coronets, one with vanilla custard and the other with chocolate custard filling.

First bite into the coronet, she was dissapointed. The pastry skin was a bit soggy and the custard filling grainy. She must definitely make a mental note to get some coronets when in Frankfurt next month.

Salmon Sashimi Salad

Soba with Beef and Beef Meatballs

All she can say is, the portion is huge so should you order side dishes, do not go heavy-handed. The Salmon Salad was a refreshing change. It was drizzled slightly with garlic oil and the raw salmon, fried chicken and seafood pieces offered a nice texture. Recommended!

After stuffing themselves silly, The Princess did some tourist-sy stuff - She went to the Merlion. Nian showed the way and this time, there would be no chance not to reach there. Sui Yang, take note and once again, your sense of direction is lousy!

The big durian - The Esplanade

The original Merlion opposite Fullerton Hotel

Mini Merlion nearby

The Princess finds the mini Merlion shouldn't be a Merlion at all, but a Merlioness instead due to the softer features (Yaya, she knows lioness does not have a mane, so what?). But it's too plain to be a female, so let's play fairy godmother a bit, shall we?

There, after an eyelash extension and a coat of mascara, it looks much prettier!

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