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Of Crazy Horse in Rainy Days

The Princess was in Singapore last week and had the chance to attend an artistic nude show in Clark Quay - Crazy Horse Paris.

The brochure taken from the ticketing stand

An introduction of Crazy Horse taken from

"In French the phrase L'ART DU NU - the art of the nude - is synonymous with an elegant saloon on a beautiful street in the stylish Eighth Arrondissement of Paris. It is the world famous Crazy Horse, which has been unsurpassed for half a century as a radical innovation that exalts the female form as both artistic expression and entertainment. More than five million people have watched the Crazy Horse show in its beautifully appointed theatre on the Avenue George V, two blocks from the Alma Square. Since its founding by Alain Bernadin, it has evolved through three distinct phases."

To watch a Crazy Horse multimedia presentation, click here.

The ticket per person is SGD 87 (inclusive of SGD2 SISTIC fee) with 1 standard drink. The Princess and 3 of her friends set out at 7 pm in order to be able to catch the 8pm show as they decided to walk to Clark Quay, which was a comfortable walk from the hotel. However, it was drizzling went they stepped out from the lobby, and hence had no choice but to take a taxi there.

After paying for the tickets, they went for a drink in the Le Lounge as there was 30 mins to go before show time. Upon entering, The Princess were impressed with the cabaret decoration - deep red, plush love chairs with matching pillows and thick, velvet drapes in deep red. Very Moulin Rouge-ish.

I could almost picture Nicole Kidman lounging, sipping champagne

The Princess ordered a Singapore Sling to get herself into the mood for the show, but before she could have a sip or two, the bartender announced that entrance to show was open. So they brought their drinks along to the theatre. On the way, they pass by the restaurant, and you guessed it, the red theme continued here.

The ambience in the theatre was cosy and intimate. A nice view would be available from every corner, even from the bar. The red suede seats were comfortable, of course not as plush as the couches found in the VIP area. The stage was not big, purposely built so as to make the performers appear larger I suspect. The shimmery stage curtain looked amazing when lights was shone on it.

The show was divided into mini segments with individual theme lasting about 5 mins+ each, with interval after 50 mins. Those girls looked gorgeous! Oh, The Princess would kill to have body like that. The dance, sound and lights choregraphy worked in perfect precision as the girls gyrated, swayed and taunted with oh-so-sexy moves. Amazingly, the show did not leave any vulgar aftertaste but was classily executed.

Whoa, Singapore's trees are very fashion concious ok? They are dressed in this season's hottest print - polka dots complete with matching earrings.

So kawaii, no?
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