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Of Girls, Food and Fun...Minus Alcohol

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The Princess was rudely awaken from her sleep by Ken Lee. Dinner time, apparently. To celebrate our one-year anniversary in our chosen career and STILL manage to keep our sanity intact, we decided to pamper ourselves with some Italian dining.

Guess what happened while we're preparing to leave the house? Power outtage. Poor Princess Momo had to make-up in the dark and ended up with uneven colour on her face. Thank God the electricity was restored in a few minutes' time.

Where's Jac?

All onboard

Nothing fancy about Biella Restaurant, pretty common restaurant decor and all. The moment we received our menus, we started clicking the camera away. The tables next to us gave us glances. They must had thought we had never taken photo in our entire life.

Quin and Jac

We took ages to order eventhough the menu was not extensive. There were the usual Italian fare like pasta and pizza, but being the meat eater that we are, all but Quin (she's a vegetarian cos she said "kesian lar the animals") ordered either fish or meat. And poor us had to settle for mock cocktail as no alcohol was served. *Pout*

Pan-fried Salmon

Saffron Risotto With Seafood

Pan-fried Hammour On a Bed of Pasta

Tender Veal in a Creamy Sauce

Wild Mushroom Cream Sauce with Spinach Fettuccine

Rib Eye Steak

After stuffing ourselves silly, we decided to take a stroll around the mall. Went into La Senza and saw the biggest bra.

One cup is bigger than my face!

All the better, we can make into this. Two can go at once!

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