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Of God's Own Country

The Princess was sent to Trivandrum, a district in Kerala, India. Ok, she is not a big fan of India (eventhough she has never stepped her foot on Indian soil before) but there's always a first, right?

She stayed in Leela Kovalam Beach Resort and this place is huge. Perfect to spend your day lazing around doing nothing. Upon touching down in Trivandrum, the hot and humid air oppresses the lung so much.

The chalet-style accomodation built out of wood is very cooling though. A private beach is available for the usage of the hotel's patrons. However, the current is quite strong, hence she did not go for a swim. Instead, she spent the day lazing around and swmming in the private pool, before dozing off in a hammock. The weather made her system so sluggish she just didn't feel like doing much physical activity.

Entrance to the private beach

The private beach

Trational catamarans can be hired for a cruise to the back waters of Kovalam

The resort has a beautiful pool overlooking the sea, with a 24-hour cafe located next to it. Alfresco dining is available and affords one a beautiful view of the sea.

This is just so pretty

Apart from the chalet, one can also opt to stay in these multi storeys beach fronting units

A road leading to small villages runs through the resort with handicrafts and souvenir shops found along the way. Operators of catamaran loitered around to fish for business and haggling for a good price is required.

Clothes available for sale

View from outside The Princess' room

The beach is nothing to shout about (a bit dirty at certain place) but the slow-pace, idyllic life is a good escape from the maddening city. In essence, haiyo, no need to come until so far to experience rustic, village-by-the-beach charm lar, go to Terengganu or Kelantan instead. Cheaper and much more beautiful.
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