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Stupid colleagues.

Don't you just hate them? They're so clueless and blank up there they make an amoeba looks intelligent.

Worse still if they're working with you in the same team. And you had to run around cleaning up after their mess. Worse still, they just stood there giving you the oh-I-am-such-a-wreck-I-
probably-should-just-stand-here look.

If you're stupid, it's ok. Hey, you can't fight nature. Too bad your mum dropped you on the head when you're a baby. But please, do at least show some intiative in learning. Learn as in observe what your fellow team members are doing. Ask intelligent questions, not "What is decaffeinated coffee?". The last The Princess checked, they came from the same training school. But please don't do work with your mouth. You know those kind, who comes running after you asking where is this, how to do that hoping you'll do it for them.

The Princess had to share this. When asked by the supervisor what is served with the omelette, one crew actually answered "It's with egg" without missing a beat.

I hate stupid people. I hate lazy, stupid people. I hate greedy people. I hate people. In short, I should just build an island and live there alone all by myself. And then I'm happy.
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