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Of A Shithole

The Princess' body clock is definitely screwed.

7 pm - Rise and shine
8 pm - Breakfast Dinner Brunch Whatever you call it
10 pm - Surf net
11pm - Surf net
12 am - Surf net
8 am - Ken Lee wakes up, talk to her
10 am - Watch tv
1 pm - Sleep

And the vicious cycle repeats.

She was complaining to her friend about how dull The Sandpit is and the friend retorted by saying she's not adapted to the lifestyle here yet.

Fuck, who in the right frame of mind would want to adapt to the environment and lifestyle here? This is the saddest place on Earth. Yaya, don't tell her bullshit like war in Iraq is worse The Sandpit is so peaceful bla bla bla. At least she could watch bullets fly. Ok, granted bad joke but, you get her drift.

Talking about a peaceful Sandpit - another person who comes running to tell her this is going to get a bitch slap on her face and a vigorous shake. Honestly, if there is any woman (not covered in abayah) walking along the street who has not been sexually (verbal and/or physical) harassed before, congrats you're the lucky one and one real fugly chick.

Take for example, when The Princess first set foot here. She was waiting for cab when a car stopped by and asked "How much? How much". Of course she was shocked the first time. When she finally made her way to the supermarket, she was asked once again,the same question, by a young boy who obviously hasn't even finish growing his pubic hair, the bastard. "How much is your mother/sister?", she snapped back.

Few weeks back, she and Ken Lee were walking to the nearby money exchange when they passed by two boys around the corner. The Princess just very nearly finished warning Ken Lee to be careful when one of the bastard came from behind and smacked Ken Lee's left butt and ran away. And on the way back, a 4WD suddenly stopped in front of them and wind down the car window.

"Don't see, don't see, Ken Lee"

Stubborn cow didn't listen and peered inside.

"Diana! He tengah TFK(masturbating) inside the car!!"

She's so frustated she needs to break something. How do those expats live here so long anyway? There's nothing to do that is intellectually stimulating and it's baking hot outside for 8 months of the year. Since coming here, The Princess has no longer any passion for anything and once you stop having zest for anything, you know you're in big trouble.

What passion could she have here? Photographing sands? Go clubbing at the few pitiful bars and have men mentally undressing you? Hang out at coffee shops day in day out, seeing the same faces moan about the Sandpit like most of the expats here do? And they're all not terribly bright, those poor dears, so spare her the numbing, mindless chit chatting.

Oh, just you wait till the day she can finally pack and go home. Tick tock, tick tock.....and it's getting nearer.
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