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Kansai Region, Japan - Part 1

So much to blog about The Princess' previous Japan trip, but since almost a month has lapsed since the trip plus the fact that she's too lazy to dig up the travel brochures and notes and write a half decent post, so here goes, let the pictures do the the talking.

Day One - Dotonbori, near Namba

First night was spent at Dotonbori. Dotonbori is a popular street with restaurants and food stalls selling delicacies of Osaka, entertainment outlets and stores.


Giant takoyaki (Octopus balls)

Ken Lee was smiling from ear to ear when she finally get to eat -
Next time, don't refuse aircraft food, OK?

The Princess' cheeks are almost as big as the takoyaki, no?

One of the landmarks of Dotombori, the mechanical crab with moving claws and eyestalks

Day Two - Western and Northern Kyoto

The next day, they covered Arashiyama at the outskirts of Kyoto. Cherry trees could be found lined along the Togetsukyo Bridge and also in the riverside parks with Mt. Arashiyama as the backdrop.

Pretty, pretty cherry blossom

At the riverside park

Posing with Japanese girls wearing yukata(summer robe)

Pots of flowers in front of some random house

Potted flowers for sale, model not included

On the way to Ryoanji

The famous Zen rock garden of Ryoanji, with the interpretation on the arrangement of the 15 rocks up to each visitor

Gave up figuring the interpretation of the rock garden and posed instead

Tsukubai (stone basin) for guests to purify themselves
before participating in tea ceremony

Fallen petals of sakura

Twinkle, twinkle little stars....on ground?

Now the picture below is really interesting. The shop's name and it's area of expertise are painted on the door.

With a name like that, you better think twice before setting up an appointment. And who needs a hobby adviser, anyway? It's like "Umm...I haven't a clue on what I should do after feeding the goldfish, should I knit or sew? No wait, how about potteries? Painting? Watching how ice is made? God, this is so hard, please decide for me, pretty please?"

Kinkakuji (Golden Pavillion)

And yes, it's covered in real gold leaf

Very tasty kimchi ramen (preserved cabbage noodles)

Miso ramen (Noodles in fermented bean broth)

Day Three - Central and Eastern Kyoto

That's what they had for breakfast

Nishiki Market, known as Kyoto's Kitchen

All kinds of imaginable vegetables made into pickles

Unagi (eel) galore

They may look pretty normal in picture, but boy, those cockles are huge!

They may look pretty normal in picture, but boy, those scallops are huge!

Japanese cakes and sweets, all nicely decorated and packaged

Would you have the heart to bite into these?

Not The Princess, so she played with them instead...muahaha

Cute dolls and handicrafts

More preserved vegetables

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