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Kansai Region, Japan - Part 2

Do excuse The Princess, she's busy lately from doing nothing. There she is, putting off the task of updating the blog and before long, she's in idle mood. And then she's stucked in the rut far longer than intended. The Princess has perfected the art of procrastination.

Day Three - Central and Eastern Kyoto

Went to Nishiki Market in the morning, followed by the famous Kiyomizudera (Pure Water Temple). A UNESCO's world heritage site, Kiyomizudera offers a nice view of the city from it's wooden terrace.

Geisha (authenticity unknown) walking down the lane leading to the temple

On the way to Kiyomizudera, one has to walk along the steep and busy lanes of Higashiyama, with many shops and stalls selling Japenese souvenirs and good luck charms.

Just can't stop taking photos of cherry trees

First you have to pass the red gate.....

Climb more stairs to reach another red hut

Stop by the garden and take a photo....

Reach another garden and pose again....

Make a wish and hang it at this cute stand

Tada...finally there!

Reward yourself by taking another shot from the wooden terrace

The best view of the main hall

Beneath the wooden terrace, taste some healing spring water

From Kiyomizudera, they continued walking down Ninenzaka Slope, an alleyway filled with many curiosity shops all the way to Maruyama Park. Along the way, they must have passed by so many temples and shrines they lost count. Really, Kyoto is literally littered with them, you can just blindfold yourself and throw a stone in any direction and The Princess will bet her bottom dollar it would land on a temple/shrine.

Ryozen Kannon, with a huuuge statue of Kannon

Yes, they entered the garden of a private residence

Sakura season is a season for merry making in Japan. Japanese partake in hanami (cheery blossom viewing) around parks, reserving the best spot, spread a mat under the tree and picnic. Here in Maruyama Park, tables were being set up and visitors could order food and drinks from the stalls. You could even bring your own meats as BBQ pits are provided.

Al fresco dining under the cherry blossom - just pick
the tree you fancy most

They stopped for a breather and as it was getting cold, ordered some snacks and a pot of hot sake. The Princess loves sake but Ken Lee and Princess MoMo said it was like drinking acetone.

Oden - Japanese version of yong tau foo

Curry rice - Japanese version is much milder, heck even sweetish

The "it" cherry blossom in Maruyama Park gets lighted up at night

Yasaka Shrine near Maruyama Park - Lit lanterns
decorating the shrine's stage

Beautiful Japanese papers but damn, they're expensive

How to walk in these?

Saw that pair of wooden clogs above? The one with the highest platform? They cost USD 115. The Princess is so going to bring those red "cha kiak" grandmothers used to wear back home and sell in Japan.

On a parting note, here's an interesting snapshot The Princess curi-curi took in the train on the way back from Kyoto.

Giving the lady the benefit of doubts, maybe her feet DID fit into those shoes when she left home that morning. And then her feet DID expand. And the shoes DID shrink. But one thing is for sure, she's not the one who lost the glass slipper as the clock struck 12 yesterday.

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