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Kansai Region, Japan - Part 3

Day Four - Himeji Castle and Kobe

Yupe, they're superwoman and covered both Himeji and Kobe. Hectic indeed, so a hearty brunch is required.

Tempura soba


Tempura udon

Restaurants in Japan are so clean! The kitchens are spotless and tidy. Cooking utencils gleamed and bottles of sauces are neatly arranged. And the amazing thing is, tablecloths remain white in colour. Seriously, if the prawn tempura accidently dropped on the floor The Princess would practise the five-second rule (heck, make it ten), pick it up, pop it into the mouth and STILL not get stomah upset later.

Himeji Castle is a national treasure and a UNESCO's World Heritage site. The Last Samurai was shot on location here.

Himeji Castle looming behind

The Princess just wants to belt out Supergrass' Alright

Followed by Blur's Parklife

Angel in disguise

View from the castle

Japanese warrior suit

The graceful Himeji Castle is likened to herons taking off

These two sakai love dogs too much they're pretending to be one

Too bad they didn't manage to visit Kokoen Garden as it has already closed so they headed to the port town of Kobe. And it was so freaking cold that night they go to the harbourfront or explore the city. And what better way to warm the tummy than a pot of hot, steaming Sukiyaki.

Weird tasting tofoo

Kobe beef

That meal was pretty expensive, coming up to about USD 180 for 3. Why? All because of the Kobe beef lar. Yes, those thinly sliced, marbled texture beef. Yes, meat from those pampered cows which are given daily massage and are fed hefty quantities of sake and beer mash.

Lucky bastards.

But haha, guess who ended up in their stomach.

Still they paid USD 180 for it.


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