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Of An Almost Hijack Queen

A woman from India was arrested in Penang International Airport as she threatened to hijack a Malaysia Airlines flight from KL to Penang, for full story read here.

According to that lady, she was joking when her request to visit the cockpit with her children was rejected by a MAS steward. She then told the steward that her daughters, aged one and three, might be unable to hijack the plane but she could if she wanted to. She was arrested upon touch down in Penang International Airport.

Sorry, Madam, but tell those words to ANY of the cabin crew and they would take the same action anytime. You should have enough sense to know that aviation security is taken very seriously especially after the 9/11 incident. Passing comments like that in a joking manner is in very bad taste indeed.

Kudos to the set of MAS crew, especially the steward, for not only carrying out the duties of a responsible cabin crew, but also from the perspective of passengers who paid fares to be assured of a safe flight.

So you know what NOT to say if you happenned to be in The Princess' flight.
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