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Of 123, 456, 7Ate9

Managed to catch up with Ken Lee while The Princess was staying over in her super short KL. Decided to meet up at 7Ate9 and The Princess' sister dropped by with her BF as well. Her sis tapau-ed some pasar malam food for her. It's been ages since she last set foot in pasar malam. Rindu giler sial.

7Ate9 is a nice place to hang out with friends and have good conversation without shouting halfway across the planet. Good drinks menu with simple choices of light food should you need something to nibble with your drinks. The wine was not even delivered and they started camwhoring already. Hopeless.

See, Ken Lee got herself a bang too!

Cheese and fruits platter to go with the wine

The Princess swears one of the waitresses was hitting on them. With lame, cheesy lines. The girl's a bit of a butch but hello, do they looked like they swing the opposite way? Maybe her gaydar wasn't working properly that night.

That guy with super thick, red lips is Princess' sister's BF.
Eat your heart out, Angeline Jolie

Nicely getting a flush after only a glass or two of wine.
Memang cannot make it.

See this cute girl below? She decided to stay another 2 months in The Sandpit to accompany The Princess. Tee hee.

No lar, she's staying because of "Agung head", that bitch, not because of me.

2 curtsies received:

Diana!!!!!!! I come back the you leave for sin, then i do lhr u have DeL. NOT FAIR!!!!!!!
DIANA!!!!! I MISS U!!!! DIANA!!!!! I MISS U!!!!!!! DIANA!!!!!!!!!

On the plus side, Angel is not around. *SObS*

Faster come back sayang me k? Make sure you dont have too much fun in sin n with joanne! I kuat jealous 1.

DIana!!!!!!!!!!!! SObSs

Sayang, sayang ok. Make sure you finish the food in the fridge else I ask Joanne to knock you hard on the head.

Miss you, babe.

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