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Of Jetlag Is A Bitch

You know what's the most irritating thing that could happen?

Being in a nice tropical island for layover, getting so exhausted from all the sightseeing and water activities, falling asleep the moment you hit the pillow and waking up at 4 in the morning and have trouble falling asleep thereafter.

That is why The Princess is blogging and drinking Bintang beer at such ungodly hour. The only consolation is breakfast starts at 6. Now if only she could patiently sit through that 2 hours before running amok in the hotel lobby.


What happened when one didn't sleep the night before, sat for 1.5 hrs in a bumpy journey up the mountain, went white water rafting for 2 hrs and fucking climbed a few hundred steps (not kidding) after that before taking another 1.5 hrs journey back to the hotel?

You ended up limper than a bunch of 60-year-olds sunbathing naked on Bali beach, that's what happened.
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