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What's the odd of having an Uzbekistan guy operating a flight to Jakarta on the day Uzbekistan vs Saudi match is supposed to take place in Bung Karno Stadium in Jakarta later of the day? Unlikely enough to warrant The Princess to bring him to the stadium as he's so excited to watch his national team play - half way across the world.

Uzbekistan vs Saudi Arabia - AFC Tournament

Ravil is all happy, happy, joy, joy

With Zoubir

National anthem of both teams being played

How the hell the Indonesian supporters get hold of Uzbek flag is beyond them

The stadium was only 30% full, with most of the supporters being Saudis. The interesting thing is, camp Uzbek is made up of Indonesians, some even unfurling the flags and playing drums and shouting chants into portable loudspeaker. And a Malaysian, an Algerian and an Uzbekistani cheering together with them. Sports really do transcend gender, nationality, religion and beliefs.

At one point, a man sitting in the row in front suddenly turned and spoke to Ravil, "Could you please keep down the cussing? I have my kids here". And he retorted "But this is a stadium!"

Dude, your kids probably know most of the curse words more than you'd like to think. Fact.

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