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Of One Country, Two Systems

The Princess was in Hong Kong to witness the celebration to mark the city's 10th anniversary of handover to China. Together with Amanda, they made a beeline to Victoria Harbour where a fireworks show was scheduled to begin at 8pm. However, they had to settle on viewing the fireworks near Sogo in Tsim Tsa Tsui as it's impossible to walk among the huge crowd of people who had gathered around that area all the way to Avenue Of Star.

Camwhoring with Amanda

Huge crowd all the way to Victoria Harbour

At 8pm sharp, the show began. It took some time before the fireworks began to gain momentum. They even got bored in the beginning as only a few pathetic sparks could be seen at an interval of few minutes.

10 minutes later, the skies are filled with explosions of colourful lights and glittering stars. The best display was towards the end as endless fireworks bloomed one after another continuously accompanied by booming sound she thought she was going deaf.

And of course, no trip to Hong Kong will be complete without stuffing yourself silly with the wonderful food. She was craving Wanton Noodles, so they headed to a restaurant recommended by the hotel concierge - a restaurant famous for it's small portion and expensive price.

Shrimp Wanton Noodles

Like the many mysteries of life, how could something so simple be so good? Springy noodles in a light yet flavourful broth. Firm, crunchy giant prawns wrapped in smooth wanton skin. Nothing fancy, nothing extra but why why why?! How come it's so delicously good?

Next up is also a recommendation by the hotel concierge - steamed milk by Yee Shun Milk Company. As the name suggests, it's basically milk steamed into soft, beancurd-like tendency with assorted flavours to choose from.

Original Steamed Milk - This is the best!

Coffee flavoured steamed milk

I swear I could live on this shit for a month. The milk was so fresh you would have thought they were milking the cow from the udder right into the pot.

Luckily she doesn't live in Hong Kong, else she will end up like King Kong.

Hey, it rhymes! *Lame smile*

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