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Of Infinity My Foot

I swear I would burn down Infinity Salon in One Utama if I could. Damn furious lor. The Princess blindly walked into this salon which is supposed to be Dry Cut but turned out another tenant has taken over. So she happily sat down and requested for wash, blow, dry and fringe trimming.

The shampoo job was horrible. So horrible she couldn't describe in words. The guy was like tugging at every single strand of her hair. And massaging the scalp with a sick face on his face, with a deluded face that thinks The Princess was actually enjoying it. It was fucking painful OK. So she sounded him off and he gave her the look.

And the fringe. That same guy cut my fringe. How can you be both the shampoo guy AND the hairstylist? See, fringe is a tricky business. Good hairstylist will make a good job but a poor one will just turn you into one of The Three Stooges. I fucking ended up like some girl from kampung OK.

Steer clear of Infinity Salon. It might just cause you infinite grieve grief.

2 curtsies received:

love that salon actually.

perhaps if u tried being a tad bit more polite they'd treat u nicer.

And have never gone there; when the shampoo dude and the stylist is the same person.

sorry for you though.

-blog hopper.

It wasn't as if I was rude the moment I walked in. Even when he was tugging at my hair with all his might, I just told him off, that's all.

Oh wait, I forgot I have a cibai face. Lucky you.

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