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Beijing - Misc

The Princess always look forward to the journey to China, because she's always rewarded with amazing view of the Himalayas. She would sit transfixed staring at the scene unfolding 40,000 feet below. Fluffy snow-covered peaks stretch as far as the eyes can see.

The Himalayas kind of remind The Princess of Cornetto ice-cream cones laid out side by side to form a giant one.

If Shin Chan likes to take off his pants and display his butt, well he has met his match from Beijing. Presenting to you, ladies and gentlemen - The Pee Pee Boy!

The Princess imagine this is how Pee Pee Boy introduces himself:

Hi all, my name is Pee Pee Boy. Apart from not wearing any clothes, I actually get quite a kick out of displaying my schlong in the public. Heck, even my kong kong, ye ye, pa pa and shu shu do the same. To see me pee, just pour some water over my head (not that head, the other head sitting on my shoulders, silly). Sometimes, my shu shu and I even have competition to see who can shoot the furthest. Ain't I adorable?

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