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Of Sick Chick and Hot Chicks

The Princess will be on sick leave for 2 days. Her lips are hideous, to say the least. She felt so self-concious throughout the flight, she refused to look at the mirror or any reflective surface (like the coffee brewer). Yes, she's a shallow, narcisstic bitch. Aren't we all? Now don't give her bullshits like you have better things to do. The need to look good is intrinsic in human, especially so those with XX chromosomes. This exhibitionist streak is inherent, stored in our genetic makeup. At least she openly admits this instead of hiding behind piles of SKIIs, La Mer and Botox and quoting Shakespeare.

2 days of absolute nothingness! She could machine-wash her clothes piece by piece at the longest cycle if she wants to. Or write nonsensical posts like this all day long. Or count the small rashes on her face using a magnifying glass. How lovely!

And because she's such a sweet girl, she decided to share a few delicious pictures of babes roughing it out on football pitch. The Princess thinks women in male-dominated sports look hot. Take tennis for example. Long, lean legs in skimpy white skirt. Defined shoulders and toned arms. The only turn off is the deep, grunting-like-a-hog sound they make. Take that, and the Williams sisters away, tennis babes are hot. And immediately the thoughts of female sumo wrestlers wrestling their way into her brain shatters this image.

Guys, make this your liquid dream tonight. Girls, rejoice that we could reduce guys to pulps by wearing only cropped jersey and ridiculous knee-high stripe socks. And don't stop quoting Shakespeare.

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