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Santorini - Day One

Even before the trip started, The Princess had a hectic morning. She woke up at 5.30 am to pick up Ken Lee from the technical building (as she's supposed to touch down at 6am) so that they could make it to the airport by 7.30 am to check in.

And then she had to forget her digicam. And so they turned back for the camera. Not a very promising morning this was turning out to be.

But then good things happen to good people. They were immediately issued boarding passes as the load to Athens was light.

Poor Ken Lee. She immediately dozed off after takeoff, she couldn't even wake up for breakfast. The journey to Athens was about 4+ hours. Upon landing, the land that is Athens became clear. They could even see the Parthenon from above! Many little islands are littered around the main island. It's a pity they were all brown as the autumn chill starts to extend its hand on shrubs and trees.

Look at how the sea and sky become one

To cut a long story short, they soon boarded the plane of Olympic Airways to Santorini island. And my, as soon as they step inside the plane, swarms of flies greeted them. Not your normal small flies, but flies as big as bees! Don't let her get started on the smell as well. Seriously what were they carrying in the cargo? Corpse?

The owner of the villa greeted them as they walked out from the arrival hall. He was a friendly guy, but sadly The Princess forgot his name (Greek names are hard to remember). They arrived at Villa Manos and promptly checked into their room. The villa was family-run and had a homey feeling to it. Their foom was small but cheerful, and painted in pink! It came attached with a balcony. For є25/night for 2, it was worth it.

View from the balcony

Villa Manos

To get a feel of Santorini, The Princess and Ken Lee decided to proceed to Fira, the town centre of Santorini. The walk to Fira was a pleasant one, as the weather was nice and not too chilly. One thing she noticed, houses in Santorini are all painted in white and blue, just like the colours of their national flag. Even the cemeteries looked er,cute and not sombre and lifeless.

Plants in Santorini were most curious. They have thick, sappy stems and leaves like aloe vera. There was even an interesting "rose". The leaves were arranged like those of rose petals.

Ever seen green roses?

Sakat sarang burung lookalike?

Fira is littered with tavernas, restaurants and hotels. It's narrow, cobbled stone pathways make for an interesting walk. Souvenirs and jewellery shops filled every nook and corner. Greeks are definitely one of the most friendly people (except for the stupid bus attendant). Warm smiles were aplenty and should you need direction, just ask and they would be more than happy to tell you, some even offering to personally show you the way. Of course, dinner invitations were also aplenty if you happened to be 2 pretty ladies travelling alone :p

Fira, Santorini

Flat comfortable shoes are essential - uneven pathways and steps are everywhere in Santorini

Fira has unique landscape. Houses clinging to the edge of the caldera - the crescent rim of what was once the crater of a volcano.

Souvlaki is a favourite food of Greek. It is basically skewers of meat. Souvlaki pita is another variation whereby the souvlaki, together with lettuce, some sourish cream and fries are wrapped in a pita bread. Gyro pita is prepared the same way, but instead of souvlaki, slices of meat from the giant skewer are wrapped in the pita instead.

Gyro pita aka kebab

The Princess and Ken Lee had some very good crepes in Fira. They opted for the sweet instead of savoury crepe, smothered with Nutella with a scoop of praline ice-cream. It was heavenly!

The Princess loves Greece for the fact that you can smoke anywhere. In the airport cafe, in taverna, crepe parlour, boat - everywhere. Nobody will give you patronising glances or remarks - beat that Singapore.

As tomorrow would be another long day, they went back early to get some rest.... and booze. A bottle of red wine and Bailey's were waiting. However, Si Ken Lee immediately went to slumberland after her bath, not stirring a bit even with The Princess' persistent nudging. And so The Princess had no choice but to sit at the balcony, under the blanket of stars of the Greek skies, enjoying the Bailey's and a smoke. Chilly wind was blowing, but as the heat from alcohol ran it's course through her body, she woulnd't want it any other way.

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