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Of Revenge Of The Duck

After much discussion and dissection, The Princess and friends came to a conclusion - The duck causes the rashes eruption on her face and lips!

Evil duck. It's not her fault that the duck tasted so good she needed to devour half of it. So the duck decided to exert it's revenge by turning The Princess into *gasp* a duck! Have you seen a bald duck, meaning a duck that has been plucked clean? Now look carefully at the skin. Isn't the skin filled with protruding pores so large they look like *gasp* rashes? And the duck bills. The Princess' lips are so swollen they resemble *gasp* duck bills! Evil duck. Now think twice before hugging that Daisy Duck of yours to bed.

Now that you have your revenge, may your duck soul rest in peace in duck heaven.

On a lighter note, The Princess saw this signboard at the souk the other day.

Bye Bye Cafeteria? Excuse me, if you bother to name your restaurant Bye Bye Cafeteria, why do you even bother to open one in the first place?

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