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Boo Hoo.... :'(

The Princess is feeling so sad she could cry. Her face is filled with rashes, some even pus-filled. The rashes don't seem to be clearing, eventhough she is already on the 3rd day of her 7-day antibiotic course. Her precious face, which she has been religiously taken care of, is in a sorry state now. What if the rashes never clear, ever?!

And her lips! The upper lid area is red it's as if she has a moustache. But at least the ointment is slowly drying out the herpes.

Dear God, please please please clear the rashes as soon as possible and let her skin return to the original state. She promises to be a vegetarian for another month, on top of the 1 month earlier as promised if that happen.

The Princess is very sad indeed.
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