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Of Dullness In The Tropic

Hello peeps, this is The Princess' monthly report from Singapore! Uniquely Singapore!

Duh, Singapore must be THE dullest country in the world!

Oh wait, my bad. Where The Princess is currently based in is the dullest country in the world.

Considering she spends most of her free time in The Sandpit and at least 7 days in Singapore, The Princess must be a very dull person by now she forgot how to spell F-U-N.

No pictures, no special reports this time. The whole time she was in Singapore, The Princess spent it in the hotel room with occasional forays to find food nearby. The horrible haze is not helping matter. She didn't want to fill her lungs with acrid smoke - her daily allowance of Marlboros is sufficient to do the damage, thank you very much.

By the by, she would be dropping by KL on the 11th next month for 13 hours. Yes, fucking 13 hours ONLY. Just enough to eat nasi lemak and BKT before heading back to The Sandpit.

Gee, thank you very much. Thinking about it makes me miss home less already.

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