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Of Mooncakes For Mum

Happy Mooncake Festival, peeps! Here, have one of these.

The Princess bought these mooncakes from Beijing. This brand, Douxiangcun, is very popular in Beijing (according to a local anyway). So popular The Princess had to go to 3 different places to buy it because most places were out of stock.

Mooncakes in China come in very elaborate packaging, they even throw in matching paperbags. They are often packed in a box of 8s, unlike in Malaysia where 4 is the norm. The Princess bought the assorted flavour one, with weird flavours like papaya (?) and Eight Treasures (8 Cham, a concoction of Chinese herbs believed to be good for women's overall health). And it's not cheap, costing CNY 180 (original price CNY 230, discount given due to the National Day celebration). No choice lor, because Mama Tju wants to eat mooncakes from overseas.

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