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Of Lump At The Wrong Place

The Princess is worried. There is a small lump underneath her chin near the throat. The lump is not causing any pain, unless you press it. She hopes the lump is due to heatiness, what with all the greasy food and drinking less water due to all the sightseeing. Still, there's a tinge of fear of what it might be. Tomorrow she must go for a scan and put her worries at ease.

Good night, peeps.

Updates: The Princess is SO relieved. The surgeon took a look at her and concluded that the lump was some enlarged lymph node caused by the rashes on her face and lips. He referred her to the dermatologist and the dermatologist agreed. And the rashes on her lips are actually herpes. Now, The Princess is not a promiscous girl and got herself some STDs. It's just some herpes that cold and flu can cause sometimes. So here's to a month of vegetarian as per her promise if she's alright. Hello carrot, goodbye char siew.
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