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Happy Birthday, China!

The 5-star flag flying high against the backdrop of the Great Wall

The Princess had the good timing to be in Beijing last weekend (or the ill-timing, depending on how you see it), as it was the National Day of China on 1st October. On the eve, The Princess made a trip downtown to Tiananmen Square to soak in the atmosphere and boy, she got more than what she bargained for. The Square itself was packed, right to the area near the Forbidden City to Wangfujing. And she have never seen SO many people gathered before, and don't let her get started on the different smells wafting through the air. Suffice to say deodorant and perfume are not very hot items in Beijing.

Everywhere you turn, all you see is people

As China makes great stride in economic, political, cultural and social affairs, here's to wishing many more to come!

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